Official Book Release

September 30, 2022

An Angel Amongst Us

What happens when an angel surrenders its heavenly beauty and powers to experience love and
lust as a human on Earth?

God and Lucifer reach an agreement…

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About An Angel Amongst Us

One of God’s angels asks him to transform it into a human being, so it can experience love and lust in the flesh. Begrudgingly, the Almighty fulfills the angel’s desire, and when Lucifer learns out about it, God is forced to enter into an alliance with the dark angel. God and Lucifer reach an agreement on the terms and conditions of this unusual request and choose a guardian angel to protect this human.

Thus begins the story of Zara, the angel living amongst us. Although tragedy strikes early with the loss of her parents, she has a good life – a good education, a great job, the perfect relationship. Things seem idyllic until she is brutally killed. God is shocked in Heaven and is faced with a difficult decision. Should the angel be brought back to heaven or allowed to die as a human?

About The Author

Raysa Santos came to NY from the Dominican Republic when she was 18 years old to study Architecture. From an early age, she was fascinated by the Grimms’ Fairytales and the stories in the Bible. Raysa would memorize stories from both books and then narrate them at family gatherings. An Angel Amongst Us is the first novel from her fictional trilogy An Alliance Made In Heaven.

Raysa now lives in rural Pennsylvania where she enjoys taking care of her gardens.

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